New EP "If I Ever" is released on Echozone Records with a brand new video directed by Adolfo Bacigalupo and great remixes by Project Ich and Ideophobia.

Trois Points de Suture is Number 1 in the Deutsche Alternative Charts Singles

New single "Trois Points de Suture" is released with several remixes by People Theatre, Vyrtual Society, Ideophobia, Fredd. B., Akimcolor...

Les Anges de la Nuit 5th Album is released today on Echozone with 10 brand new tracks, 2 new edits and 2 remixes.

New Double A side "Voyage" is released today and includes the tracks "Voyage" and "One thousand Crazy Lies" along with several remixes

"The Witch" is this week at Number 2 in the German Alternative charts DAC singles.

New "Les Anges de la Nuit" single "The Witch" taken from their forthcoming album will be released on Dec 6th 2019 along with 7 additional Remixes

New review for "darkness looms"and interview on side-line

New video clip for ma folie l infini

Darkness Looms is number 7 in the Deutsche alternative charts album.It is also featured in Sonic seducer magazine and orkus april 2017

Darkness Club EP is number 7 in the DAC single charts this week. Also check out the new video clip of "Cette Jolie Brune" premiering today on

the "Darkness Club EP" is currently number 7 in the Deutsche  alternative charts DAC singles

Our new album "Darkness Looms" will be released on March 24th,2017 and contains 12 New tracks

Les anges de la nuit in concert on sept 20th, 2015 at grand central , miami with front 242

"Un ange t'emportera" from Vanity will Perish is featured on the latest gothic compilation vol 63 out now

"Vanity will perish is at position number 6 of the GEWC Album charts this week

Belle /no from. "Vanity will perish" is number 3 this week in the german single alternative charts ( DAC single)

vanity will perish is number 3 this week in the german dac charts albums

Read the "les anges de la nuit" interviews in the February edition of Orkus, Sonic Seducer and Negatief magazines

"Vanity will Perish" is in the Top 5 of the German Alternative charts DAC albums.


"Vanity will Perish" has just been released. It is currently in the bullets of the Deutsche Alternative Charts.

"Vanity will Perish" is currently number 4 at the best sellers of poponaut.


Here is the track list for the new album "Vanity will Perish" :

1-Un ange t'emportera

2-No!(feat Johan Hansson)


4-Oh hell No (V2.0)


6-Vanity will Perish


8-Dance with me


10-In the the rain

11-Out of Sight (Album Version)

12-The lion is dead

13-Out Of Sight (Anton DM Remix)

14-Reine de mon Coeur (Tobias Bernstrup Remix)

15-End of Time (Doom Mix by Nordika)



Les Anges de la Nuit new album will be titled "Vanity will Perish" and will feature 15 smashing tracks. Track list to follow soon. Release date: January 9th 2015

"Out of Sight" is best seller # 2 at Poponaut

You can read our latest review and interview at the latest edition of Gothic Magazine

New Remix of Out of sight featured by Planet Pop. You can hear it in Facebook or youtube

Les Anges de la Nuit's "Out of Sight" is #10 at the GEWC (German Electronic Web Charts)

The title track "Out of Sight" is featured on new Gothic compilation vol 61

Check out latest ladln interview on Sonic Seducer 05/2014

After being 2weeks in the bullets, "Out Of Sight" in entering the DAC Charts (German Alternative Charts) . Thanks to all the DJ's!


Here is the track list for our new EP:

1-Out of Sight

2-Oh Hell No

3-Die for you

4-Forgive and forget

5-Fighting for your live

6-Reine de mon Coeur

7-End of Time




On April 11th 2014; les Anges de la Nuit are back with a smashing new EP called "Out of Sight". It will feature 8 new tracks that will infect your dance floor

New track "Surrender" from Ladln on Gothic Magazine Vol.53 out in November 2011

Non-stop Mix compilation Infactious vol 3 mixed by DJ Vasi Vallis (Frozen Plasma & Reaper) will include Absolutions (Angel & Agony Remix) will be released on October 26, 2007.

Compilation will include "Absolutions" Mercyful Remix by Angels and Agony

For more information , visit us on

Les Anges de la Nuit will be playing at the WGT festival in Leipxig ,Germany on Saturday May,26th (Agra Hall) .

Les Anges de la Nuit 's "Under God's Name" is currently being released in Russia under laber "Gravitator Records". For more information , visit

Les Anges de la Nuit will be playing Live in Mexico on March 17th 2007 at "El Ghetto" -Mexico City SÁBADO 17 DE MARZO 2007 EN: EL GHETTO (Centro de Convenciones de Tlatelolco) Lerdo 315 esquina con Miguel González Tlatelolco, MÉXICO D.F. (Entre eje 2 norte y eje Central) Metro TLATELOLCO

Les Anges de la Nuit will be performing Live this year at the Wave Gotik Treffen festival in Leipzig, Germany (May 25-28th,2007) More info to follow

Les Anges de la Nuit is at # 17 this week (NE) in the DAC charts (Deutsche Alternative charts) with Pleasure EP - Also "Under God's name" is in the bullets in the GEWC charts (German Electronic Web charts). To be continued...

Les Anges de la Nuit "I still love you" is at # 11 this week (New Entry) in the GEWC charts (German Electronic Web Charts).

You can check out this month latest interviews for "les Anges de la Nuit" on several magazines including Zillo, Orkus and Negatiev. Also German Gothic Compilation 55 includes track by ladln "Absolutions"

Our new album "Under God's Name" is hitting the shelves this week!!!! Stay tuned!!!

Check us out on where you can hear extracts from our 2 latest tracks “I still love you” and “Absolutions” as well as LADLN monthly top 10 influences…

Infactious Vol 2 will be featuring "I still love you" by Les Anges de la Nuit and will be released May 26, 2006

Infaction Vol 1 @ DAC Bullet Charts
Infaction vol 1 has managed to climb this week to German Alternative DAC Charts.
Infaction vol 1 contains the new "Les Anges de la nuit" MCD "Absolutions" and more...

New Album
"Les Anges de la Nuit" are currently finishing the recording of their second album titled"Piedad".
More News to follow soon...

New ladln single "Absolutions" will be released on February 10th 2006 on Infacted Recordings.
New single from "les Anges de la Nuit" will be released on February 10th 2006 on Infacted recordings on Infaction

1- I still love you
2- Absolutions (Mercyful Remix by Angels and Agony)
3-Absolutions (Original Version)
4- I find myself (Transformer Remix)

"Mystic places" (Advanced Electronixx Version) on Advanced Electronics vol 4
You can find this exclusive track on Advanced Electronics vol 4(out Now!!)

Translucent Minds (overdose remix) by sero-overdose on Infacted vol 2
You can find this exclusive track on Infacted compilation vol 2

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